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Housing New Zealand

Following the 2010-11 Canterbury earthquakes Housing New Zealand is rebuilding some of their housing stock. 

Multiple lots have been amalgamated to facilitate comprehensive redevelopment and achieve design efficiencies. r+m’s development proposals for each site respond to the context and local character of the respective neighbourhoods.

Partnering with major stakeholders early in the process enabled r+m to provide quality urban design outcomes. Their designs ensure the sites are appealing, have high market viability and a longer life cycle

The development’s impact on lower-density neighbouring properties is minimised in a number of ways. These include the new build’s reduced footprint, higher amenity and greater visual appeal through layout and planting. The result is safer, better and more attractive contemporary living solutions. 

Housing New Zealand 3D model Housing New Zealand 3D model 1
Housing New Zealand site B

Reconsidering how people live has provided r+m with a great opportunity to explore the urban form of such developments.

Housing New Zealand Photomontage

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