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Lake Pukaki

In 2012, Meridian Energy sought a change in conditions controlling the water levels and flows of Lake Pukaki. The aim was to enable a draw-down of a further five metres from the minimum lake level of 518 metres above sea level (masl) in an energy crisis.

r+m prepared a landscape and visual assessment for the proposed changes. Their assessment considered the existing natural character, land­scape and visual amenity values of the lake and its surrounding setting. r+m referenced relevant plans and landscape studies and considered the nature and scale of the proposed draw-down.

r+m's assessment of the effects on landscape and visual amenity values of the increased drawdown contributed to Environment Canterbury consenting to the changes. 

lake pukaki bridge lake pukaki grasses
lake pukaki main image

An iconic landscape feature in an Outstanding Natural Landscape, providing a significant amount of New Zealand's hydroelectricity.

lake pukaki stone shoreline lake pukaki bridge and building

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