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Mairehau Primary School

In recent years Mairehau Primary School has embarked on a significant refurbishment of its classrooms as well as the building of a new administration block, staff room and library. 

r+m's master plan and subsequent development plans for the school has resulted in a legible, successful and well defined school environment. The redevelopment supports engagement with the community, encourages parental access and provides a welcoming place to gather.

Generous verandas, paved spaces, changes of level for seating, rain gardens and timber platforms under trees provide external teaching opportunities. With the new scooter track and play equipment the playground is abuzz with activity.

The students were involved in elements of the design including drawing their ideas for the paving design and each making a decorative tile which will be incorporated into the school pou. 

Mairehau Primary School bollard Mairehau Primary School timber bridge
Mairehau Primary School entrance

Typical of schools built 50-60 years ago, the external school environment was relatively disconnected, with very few positive spaces that encouraged and supported outside learning and diverse play.

Mairehau Primary School kids designs Mairehau Primary School tree seating

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