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Mercure Billboard

r+m was engaged by QMS to prepare an assessment of the landscape and visual effects of a proposed digital conversion of an existing static billboard in downtown Auckland.

The billboard is located on the western facade of the Mercure Hotel building at the intersection of Customs and Queen Streets.

r+m's assessment described the landscape and visual effects likely to arise from the proposal and assessed these effects against the relevant Auckland Council District statutory documents. Consent was granted for the conversion.

This project is one of a number that r+m are undertaking for QMS throughout New Zealand. Critical to the resource consent applications has been the ability of r+m to prepare accurate visual modelling. This includes video simulations depicting existing and proposed signage, during day and night, representing the main public viewpoints. 

IMG 1097 20160628 Mercure Hotel VP 4 Day Photo Simulation LC Downsize 36
20160628 Mercure Hotel VP 2 Night Photo Simulation LC4

As technology advances our inner city streetscapes evolve with the display of information becoming more dynamic and engaging.

20160629 Mercure Hotel VP 3 Day Photo Simulation LC5 20160628 Mercure Hotel VP 4 Night Photo Simulation Composited LC

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