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Merivale Reserve Playground

With no public reserves in the heart of Merivale having play equipment for young children, in 2013 r+m were approached by the local community. They prepared an engaging vision for this public reserve that lies between Office Road and Rugby Street.

The historical gardens of the site provided an obvious context for their conceptual design. Careful detailing by the r+m team ensured the historical cues continued through the detailed documentation. 

Constructed following a cost share arrangement between the Christchurch City Council and the local community group, the playground is proving to be very popular. 

Thanks to the philanthropy and enthusiasm of the local community group, along with a community planting day, the vision of a new playground for younger children has been acheived. 


Merivale Reserve IMG 1125 IMG 61
IMG 2082 Merivale reserve2

Foliage shaped seats, stepping posts, rocks and coloured panels in the 'leaf rib' shaped path provide for informal and imaginative play.

IMG 1053 IMG 0034

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