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West Melton lifestyle property

The starting point for this project was a new house in a sheep paddock.  This context, coupled by their clients appreciation of the rustic, and eclectic, enabled r+m to explore a rural aesthetic that sits comfortably within the paddock.

One of r+m's first moves was to create a seamless transition from house lawn to sheep paddock.  A ha-ha was designed meaning there was no need for the visual and physical intrusion of a fence between the two.  While this provided some initial angst for their clients, thinking livestock were on their lawn when in fact they weren't, the ha-ha is a clever idea.

Smaller patios flow easily from interior living areas to a larger courtyard space. These transition to the wider landscape via a series of schist chip paths, stone walls and wide timber steps to the main lawn. 

Parkland trees, perennial gardens, vegetable gardens, hedges and a chicken run compliment the rural setting.  r+m have realised their client’s vision and created a simple, visually stunning yet subtle insertion within the wider landscape.

DSCF3910 DSCF3902
March 09 5

The clients recounted stories of rushing outside to 'shoo' the sheep from the lawn, only to realise the ha-ha was actually preventing the livestock from accessing the lush grass to graze.

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