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'Connect and create' is what we do at r+m....connecting with clients and consultants, connecting people and spaces, creating spaces for people and creating relationships. 
Our collaborative working style inspires our tight-knit team to create innovative, sustainable designs that connect people with the outdoors. We are genuinely passionate about what we do.

We have a strong relationship with the environment and share a love of the land. Common interests outside of work include sport, outdoor recreation and artistic pursuits.
At r+m our team culture is central to the operation of our business. Our staff are who we are and are vital to the success of the practice. With an enthusiastic and fun-loving team our office culture is unique to r+m

  • Tony Milne our team
    Tony Milne
    Director (Christchurch and Wanaka), Landscape Architect BLA, Honours (1995), Lincoln University; BA (1990), University of Canterbury; RNZILA

    Tony is the owner of r+m and has over 20 years’ experience as a landscape architect. He has designed streetscapes, city plazas, subdivisions, campuses, tourist resorts, reserves and residential sites for private clients, government departments, and regional and district councils throughout New Zealand.

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  • Brooke Mitchell our team
    Brooke Mitchell
    Director (Christchurch), Landscape Architect BLA, Honours (2003), Lincoln University; RNZILA

    Brooke joined r+m at the start of 2016 as a Senior Landscape Architect. He made the return move from Queenstown with his family back to Christchurch after living in the deep south for over 12 years. In early March 2018 Brooke has taken on a shared role as part owner and Director in the company alongside Tony Milne.

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  • Hannah Ayres our team
    Hannah Ayres
    Director (Wanaka), Landscape Architect MLA (2011), Lincoln University; RNZILA

    Hannah joined r+m Christchurch in 2011 and is now a director of the newly established r+m practice in Wanaka. Naturally a very social person, Hannah believes her job is as much about working with people, as it is about working with the landscape.

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  • Peter Rough our team
    Peter Rough
    Consultant Landscape Architect Dip Hort, (1971); Dip LA, (1973), Lincoln University; FNZILA

    Now semi-retired, Peter has more 45 years’ experience as a landscape architect. His expertise lies in the preparation of assessments of landscape and visual effects. In recent years he has been particularly interested in renewable energy projects and sustainability through environmental design.

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  • team - ‘a group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job, or project. A team becomes more than just a collection of people when a strong sense of mutual commitment creates synergy, thus generating performance greater than the sum of the performance of its individual members’

  • Jeremy London our team
    Jeremy London
    Landscape Architect BLA, First Class Honours (2007); BRS (2002), Lincoln University; RNZILA

    Jeremy is highly skilled in landscape design and detail documentation. He works across residential and commercial design, waterway naturalisation and ecological restoration. He is experienced in landscape assessment and the preparation of expert evidence and graphics for resource consent proceedings.

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  • Fraser Miller our team
    Fraser Miller
    Senior Landscape Architect BLA, Honours (2001), Lincoln University; RNZILA

    Fraser joined r+m in 2012 and has over 15 years professional experience working in multidisciplinary teams on landscape design and planning projects. He strives to provide innovative, ecologically sustainable and cost effective solutions for clients.

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  • Nikki Smetham our team
    Nikki Smetham
    Senior Landscape Architect BLA, Honours (1997), Lincoln University; RNZILA

    Nikki has over 22 years’ experience working closely with planners, engineers and surveyors on commercial, retail, health, tourism and recreation projects and subdivision developments. Nikki joined r+m in 2009.

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  • Ben Taylor 061A7596 Square Crop
    Ben Taylor
    Senior Landscape Architect (Auckland), BLA, Honours (2007), Lincoln University; RNZILA

    Ben is leading r+m's newly established office in Auckland and has over 7 years' experience in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He returns to r+m having first joined the company as a graduate landscape architect in 2007, before venturing abroad to gain some overseas experience.

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  • Sophie Gilchrist our team
    Sophie Strachan
    Landscape Architect BLA, Honours (2009), Lincoln University; RNZILA

    Sophie began her professional practice with a global firm in 2009. She worked alongside a wide range of design professionals and began to develop her strengths in design, communication and graphics.

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  • Felicity van Zijll de Jong our team
    Felicity van Zijll de Jong
    Landscape Architect BLA, First Class Honours (2012), Lincoln University

    Since joining r+m in 2013, Felicity enjoys the project diversity and has gained valuable experience in a wide range of projects. These include designs for high-end residential, public spaces, school masterplanning and commercial developments.

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  • Laura Batchelor our team
    Laura Batchelor
    Landscape Architect BLA, First Class Honours (2010), Lincoln University; BSc (2006) University of Canterbury

    Laura joined r+m in 2013. She has practised in a variety of offices, gaining experience in a wide range of projects. These include design for residential, civic, commercial, land development and recreational projects - from initial conceptual design through to detailed design, construction drawings, planting plans and project administration.

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  • Ben Bellamy our team
    Ben Bellamy
    Landscape Architect BLA, First Class Honours (2013), Lincoln University

    Ben joined r+m in 2013 and enjoys being part of a creative and energetic team. He is particularly interested in urban design, the relationships between people and space.

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  • Mimi Walle our team
    Mimi Walle
    Administration Manager

    German-born Mimi takes care of the day to day administration of the practice. From stationery ordering to filling the fruit bowl, Mimi gets good things done. She loves playing with numbers, being part of a great team and knowing that her contribution counts.

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  • culture - 'the characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts'

  • Rebecca Joyce our team
    Rebecca Joyce
    Office Manager, Legal Executive, NZLS Legal Executive Diploma (1996), CPIT

    Rebecca joined the r+m team in April 2014 as Office Manager following the semi-retirement of Peter Rough. She worked as a Legal Executive for a local law firm for 14 years and was a stay-at-home Mum for 10 years. The skills gained in both these realms are put to use every day at r+m.

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  • Gerrard Thomson our team
    Gerrard Thomson
    Landscape Architect BLA, Honours (2013), Lincoln University; BCom (2004), University of Canterbury

    Gerrard joined r+m in 2014 after graduating from Lincoln University with a Bachelor's degree. Previously, he worked as an analyst in the financial services industry.

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  • Carlo Dino our team
    Carlo Dino
    Landscape Architect BLA, (2009), Certificate in Sustainable Sport Tourism Site Planning (2007), University of the Philippines

    Having worked on a range of residential, civic, recreational and commercial projects in the Philippines and China (as an apprentice), Carlo has also worked with a number of foreign consultants from US, Indonesia, China and Japan.

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  • Emily-Rose Dunn our team
    Emily-Rose Dunn
    Landscape Architect (Wanaka), BLA, First Class Honours (2015), Lincoln University

    Emily-Rose joined r+m as an intern in 2014 and began as a full time employee in 2016. She made the move from her home town of Christchurch to work in the Wanaka office and hasn't looked back.

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  • Luke Drumm our team
    Luke Drumm
    Landscape Architect BLA, (2015), Lincoln University

    After graduating from Lincoln University in 2016 Luke joined the r+m team as a graduate landscape architect, moving back to Christchurch from Auckland.

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  • RMCO Wendy crop
    Wendy Chartres-Moginie
    Landscape Architect (Wanaka and Dunedin), BLA, Honours (2010), Lincoln University

    Wendy joined our team in Wanaka in April 2017, (working between Wanaka and Dunedin), having spent the previous six years running her own landscape architecture practice in Dunedin.

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  • Angie
    Angie Nelson
    Landscape Architect (Wanaka) BLA, ASLA Merit & Sigma Lambda Alpha Honours (2012), University of Wisconsin - Madison

    Angie joined r+m in their Wanaka office in April 2018. Before beginning her career in New Zealand in 2016, she spent several years working in Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture in the United States.

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