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Mimi Walle
Administration Manager
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In 2011, German-born Mimi joined r+m and is responsible for day-to-day practice administration. Mimi gets good things done from ordering the paperwork to filling the fruit bowl. She loves to play with numbers, to be part of a great team and to know that her contribution counts.

Mimi loves to live in Canterbury where on the same day you can climb a mountain and swim in the ocean. The landscape is a constant source of joy from the snow-capped mountains to the rolling Port Hills. Mimi competed in the 2014 World Veteran Table Tennis Championship and enjoys staying fit. 

Moves:  By bicycle, kayak, sailing boat, bus, car, e-scooter and, on foot

Drinks:  Irish cream coffee and iced coffee with vanilla ice cream

Plays:  Table tennis, Doppelkopf and lots of other things that involve balls, water, wind, speed and brains

Favourite space in Christchurch:  On a beautiful wave on her boogie board

Supports:  Thinking outside of any boxes, non-violent communication (M Rosenberg)

Listens:  To the wind, the ocean, the inner voice, and her favourite radio station

Reads:  Her book club’s recommendations

Gets her coffee from:  Hector, New Brighton

Wishes:  For lots of fun and adventures