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Emily-Rose Dunn
Landscape Architect (Wanaka), BLA, First Class Honours (2015), Lincoln University
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In 2014, Emily-Rose joined r+m as an intern and started in 2016 as a full-time employee. She made the move to work in the Wanaka office from her home town of Christchurch and hasn't looked back.

At r+m, Emily-Rose enjoys the team's energy and dedication and the diversity of its projects. She is especially interested in creating multi-purpose landscapes. Emily-Rose appreciates new landscapes and the challenges they bring, after moving to Wanaka. When away from work she explores Wanaka (and beyond) by as many modes as possible, exposing her to a wide variety of landscapes.

Moves:  On foot (fast and slow), by bike, and when she has to by car

Drinks:  Red wine and G&T’s, it depends on the weather

Plays:  In the mountains and on the water

Favourite space in Wanaka:  Anywhere with a view

Supports:  People doing what they love and a good cause

Listens to:  Anything you can dance to

Reads:  Novels and cookbooks

Eats at:  Mum and dad’s, nothing beats a home cooked meal

Wishes:  For a natural sporting ability