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Brooke Mitchell
Director, Landscape Architect BLA, Honours (2003), Lincoln University; RNZILA
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Brooke joined r+m as a Senior Landscape Architect at the beginning of 2016. After living in the deep south for over 12 years, he and his family moved back from Queenstown to Christchurch. Brooke took on a shared role as part owner and director in the company alongside Tony Milne at the beginning of March 2018.

Brooke has over 15 years of practical experience and worked for a wide range of clients during this time, including corporations, government departments, and private clients. He's designed, lead, and managed many projects. From large-scale master-planning to public streetscape, urban and rural design projects to a large number of commercial and high-end residential developments. 

He currently stands as Vice president on the NZILA Executive Committee.

Moves:  Mostly by 4WD, mountain bike, and running shoes

Drinks:  Just about anything within reason but has a deep appreciation for single malt scotch

Plays:  On his mountain bike, skis, and enjoys sea fishing and shooting ducks (in season)

Favourite space in Christchurch:  The beaches, riding around Bottlelake forest or the Christchurch Adventure Park, running around Hagley Park, or enjoying the occasional pint at Pomeroy’s Brewhouse

Supports:  Most things, especially the Highlanders, his kids' cricket club, and the Craigieburn Valley Ski Club

Listens to:  A wide variety of music, Radio Live, the National Program., and occasionally his wife!

Reads:  Mostly biography’s, non-fiction, and news on ‘Stuff’  

Eats:  Just about anything or anywhere, but nothing beats a good old ‘Dimitris’ souvlaki, or a Fairlie Bakehouse Pie when travelling south

Wishes:  For many things, but a good, simple, healthy, and happy life for his family is number one