Angie Nelson
Landscape Architect (Wanaka) BLA, ASLA Merit & Sigma Lambda Alpha Honours (2012), University of Wisconsin - Madison

Angie joined r+m in their Wanaka office in April 2018. Before beginning her career in New Zealand in 2016, she spent several years working in Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture in the United States.

Angie has worked on a wide range of projects in New Zealand and internationally, including high profile resorts and theme parks, golf clubs, community planning, recreation, residential, and commercial developments.

Loves about her job: working on a project through all stages of the design process, with particular interest in graphics, 3D modelling, and detail documentation

Moves: By foot most days but car for errands and adventures

Drinks: Water

Plays: In the mountains, snow or shine

Favourite space in Wanaka: The lakefront and exploring new hiking trails

Supports: Reducing our impact on the planet and the Wisconsin Badgers

Listens to: Radio and podcasts

Reads: Our Shared Shelf book club monthly reads and Harry Potter

Eats: Homemade enchiladas

Wishes: To travel and see more of the world’s incredible natural places