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Gerard O'Connell
Landscape Architect (Wanaka), MDL, BAS, (2013), Victoria University, Master of Science - Landscape Architecture & Urban design MSc (2016), University of Copenhagen
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Gerard leads the Wanaka office of r+m and has over 5 years experience working in Denmark. He returned to New Zealand in 2020 to start with r+m in Wanaka after seven years in Europe, five and a half of those in Copenhagen.

After spending some time travelling, driving tour buses around Europe and ski guiding in the French Alps, Gerard attended the University of Copenhagen where he obtained his master’s in landscape architecture. During his time in Copenhagen, he worked in several Danish firms on all facets of landscape architecture, including design, building documentation, landscape evaluation, and contract observation and administration.

Gerard has played a key role in designing and delivering several complex projects including public spaces, memorials, play spaces, cycleways, urban centre upgrades, public parks, theme parks as well as educational and health care facilities. 

In his spare time, Gerard enjoys cycling, snowboarding/skiing, water sports, exploring local eateries, and brewing kombucha.

Moves:  Preferably by bike - however when one must, by Subaru XV

Drinks:  Nature wine or craft beer, something less conformist, interesting and surprising

Plays:  In, on or around the water or in the mountains

Favourite place in Wanaka:  As far up the Matukituki valley as possible

Supports:  Global climate crisis reform

Listens to:  Huge podcast nerd, always on the lookout for recommendations too. Otherwise anything especially if it’s live

Reads:  Biographies, NYT and

Eats:  Anywhere serving local and interesting produce, NZ food truly is up there in quality

Wishes for:  A national train network connecting all of New Zealand, reducing the need for bus and car travel