Jess Mills
Landscape Architect, BLA, (2020), Lincoln University
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Jess joined r+m in August 2021 as a graduate landscape architect. She has great enthusiasm for designing regenerative and productive spaces for the community to benefit from.

Jess understands the importance of how different spaces, both built and natural landscapes, have an impact on our health and wellbeing, and wants to be able to incorporate the benefits into her designs. 

Jess spends most of her spare time exploring nature by hiking the hills throughout the South Island, with friends and family. She loves to bring nature into her daily life where possible, be it cycling, going for a walk, or simply sitting and reflecting in her forest of house plants in her living room.

Moves: By hiking, biking, or her beloved Nissan Navara – Norm

Drinks: A good coffee never goes amiss, nor an iced cold beer on a hot summers evening

Plays: In the hills, or anywhere outside really

Favourite Place in Christchurch: All the tracks in the Port Hills, especially at sun set

Supports: Regenerative and healthy living. Improving the health of our ecosystems to improve our own health.

Listens to: More country music than one should admit to

Reads: Regenerative and self-sufficient living books, and most of Lee Childs books (A work in progress)

Eats: A ridiculous amount of vegetables

Wishes: To have her own land someday to be able to be self-sufficient and have a space to share and teach others how to support themselves through permaculture principles