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Rafi Grant
Landscape Architect BLA, First Class Honours (2021), Lincoln University
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Rafi joined the r+m team in August 2021 following his graduation from Lincoln University in 2020. Of the many facets of design Rafi is passionate about, he is particularly interested in sustainable design in an urban setting

Following his gap year to Europe in 2016 Rafi returned to New Zealand motivated to push cities towards a more lasting model, focusing on sustainable movement and diverse use of public space, while also positively impacting native biodiversity.

In his own time Rafi finds himself escaping the urban setting entirely, often catching himself exploring New Zealand’s wilderness both on the waters and the mainland. Driven to live sustainably Rafi enjoys the pursuit of wild game with the hope of filling the freezer.

Moves by:  Trusty pair of hiking boots

Drinks:  Black coffee and Pride of the South

Favorite Place in Christchurch: Anywhere along the coast (Godley Head walkway is a goodie)

Supports:  Getting out into New Zealand’s wilderness (use responsibly), All Blacks, Crusaders

Listens to:  Mood dependent, a lot of Podcasts

Reads:  Probably less then he should

Eats:  Big fan of Italian cuisine

Wishes:  For a lifestyle block near the coast and away from the city

Travels:  Sailed around the south pacific, spent a gap year after school in Europe exploring some incredible places