what we do


r+m have experience working in multi-disciplinary teams, with local communities, iwi, district and regional authorities, individual, and corporate clients throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Our landscape planning and assessment services include:

  • district and regional wide landscape assessments

    Including the assessment of outstanding and amenity landscapes and natural features.

  • landscape and visual assessments

    Including input into AEE's to meet the requirements of the Resource Management Act.

  • landscape evidence and expert witness

    Preparation and presentation of landscape evidence before the Environment Court, the Board of Inquiry, and at Council hearings.

  • management plans

    This includes broad scale land-use planning, landscape management studies, and reserve management plans. These illustrate a vision for development and management. 

  • peer reviews

    Given our reputation and experience in landscape planning, we often provide peer reviews of assessments and evidence prepared by other consultants.



Christchurch gondola assessment Aerial view assessment
Wind turbines assessment

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