what we do


At r+m we're passionate about working with our clients to realise their vision. Our design response begins with ensuring that the site is fully understood.

From the initial concept to detailed design and project management, the design process ensures that the aspirations and vision of our clients are realised. 

We offer a fully integrated design service, at a variety of scales, to suit every budget.

Typically this includes:

  • site inventory and analysis

    Establishing our clients brief and gaining site understanding.

  • preliminary concept design

    Initial development of ideas and opportunities for the site through a series of sketches and plans.

  • design development

    Further development of initial ideas into a finalised design. This stage may also include design reports and project costing.

  • detailed design and contract documentation

    Preparation of detailed drawings and specifications to allow pricing and construction of the finalized design. Local authorities often require these when consent is required. 

  • building consent and tendering

    This stage involves us calling for tenders, obtaining, and reporting them. During this stage, any necessary building consent will be obtained. 

  • contract administration during construction

    This includes managing and observing your project's construction. This may include site visits, communication with contractors, issuing instructions, and payment certificates.

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We work closely with our clients to establish the processes that make successful developments possible.

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