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A number of the r+m team teach at Lincoln University's School of Landscape Architecture (SOLA) and enjoy contributing to the development of future generations of landscape architects.

The teaching of r+m has covered many aspects of the BLA degree over the years. We also partner with SOLA in undertaking research projects.

For more information on Landscape Architecture at the School of Landscape Architecture at Lincoln University, see the video link below.

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With our regular "brown bags" and "movie nights," we are committed to continuous professional development in our studio. 

r+m offers internships for local and international students. Recent local appointments include many students from Lincoln University as well as international interns from France, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.

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Education university Jeremy at computer
Sophie Restart watering

Many of our staff attend national and international conferences and return to the studio to share their knowledge with the team.

Tony speaking at Restart